Fading Out New York

január 1, 2012


Occupy Exhibition at Storefront

december 17, 2011

Maurizio Cattelan at the Guggenheim

december 17, 2011

Occupy Booklaunch at Verso

december 17, 2011

A Magnificent Trainride: Montreal to New York

december 16, 2011


december 14, 2011


december 13, 2011

Mapping Urban Spaces – Control, resistance and interventions at York University, Toronto

december 12, 2011

Mapping Urban Spaces – Control, resistance and interventions
CCGES, York University, Toronto December 12/13, 2011

Maps can be tools of social control and of resistance, of ideology and of critical analysis. Ever since Brian Harley called for a deconstruction of maps and Denis Wood reminded us of the power of maps, and since people like William Bunge or (much earlier) Sandor Radó started mapping the marginalized and the invisible (un-mapped) costs of capitalist development, it is clear that maps are everything but innocent statements of what is where. Critical approaches to maps and cartography are both: A critique of cartographical rationalities – a critique of the assumption it is unproblematic to claim this is there – and a call for critical maps – a call for saying this is there.
In two workshops, we aim to bring together practitioners, activist approaches and critical theory to discuss and develop critical approaches to the role of maps in producing urban and transnational space. The first workshop, scheduled for December 12/13, 2011, is dedicated to the question of mapping urban spaces. Urban spaces are in the focus of maps produced and used by a wide range of urban actors, and we are looking for critical analyses (of for example planning maps, maps of poverty, maps of health needs, maps of minorities, maps of “dangerous” areas …) and underground mappings, counter-cartographies and interventionist maps. The workshops will take place at the CCGES, York University, Toronto.

Tuesday, December 13, Vanier College Senior Common Room
10am-12pm Levente Polyak: Mapping conflicts in Post-Socialist Cities: Anatomy of a Street

Niagara Falls

december 11, 2011

Night at the Highline

december 10, 2011